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Available courses

(Summer 2022)

This is an 8-week series of creative writing workshops and lectures with a special focus on science fiction. Part of Manifesta 14 Prishtina.

(Spring 2022)

This 4-session course will focus on some introductory topics in creative writing as well as a series of writing exercises.  

(Fall 2021)

During this 2-day workshop will focus on research methods as well as an introductory course to creative writing.

(Summer 2021)

6-week program: a series of lectures and workshops which aim to develop your writing for film and culture skills. Be it criticism, nonfiction, creative writing, journalism, texts with an academic focus, blogs, or some experiment that mixes them all — This is the space for you.

(Fall 2020)

This 8-week workshop will focus on the fundamentals of creative writing.