StoryLab is an interdisciplinary initiative for art, writing, technology, design, and education based in Prishtina, Kosovo.

Our main goal is to explore new (and traditional) forms of storytelling through practice, experimentation, research, and education. By promoting interdisciplinarity and multidisciplinarity we aim to contribute to art, culture, and creative industries.

As part of our Writing and Publishing Lab, we organize online and in-person workshops, lectures, and activities ranging from creative writing to special themes in art, design, and multimedia.

Experimentation and play is encouraged in a skunkworks-like environment, where “failed” experiments are seen as a great learning opportunity and an integral part of the innovative process. Some of our past, current, or upcoming creative experiments include: AR/VR, video games, NFTs, experiments and publications in print, online, and new media; communities and organizations, cultural events, criticism, artbooks, zines, video.

Through our mentorships and fellowships we focus on young creatives. Whenever possible, we involve young artists in our projects, as part of our dedication to youth empowerment and capacity building in the creative fields.

Through our Crosspollinations initiative we cooperate and collaborate with other artists, institutions, and groups to exchange ideas, experiences, and engage in joint experimentation and development.

You can contact us at: