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a serialized ethno-cyber-punk novel

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Category: fiction

Broken Signals

“Commence Operation Moebius,” said Colonel Hana Uka. “Affirmative, Colonel,” responded Major Ardi, her second in command, as he disappeared amid the swarm of soldiers barking out unintelligible orders.  With greying “regulation” cut and a stoic face weathered from combat, tragedy, and experience, Major Ardi projected a calm demeanor that often ranged on the unemotional. He […]

Category: fiction

The Kaçak Syndicate

As the Arbiter walked down the steps of “The Collective” he increasingly heard the humming and buzzing of the crowd. The bar was full, and the previously laid back and talk-therapist-like bartender was now taking orders and serving with the efficiency of an industrial robot.  As the Arbiter stood at the entrance observing the crowd, […]