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a serialized ethno-cyber-punk novel


“The Arbiter” is a science fiction literary project that is specially created for an immersive multimedia experience that features a soundtrack composed by Liburn Jupolli.

We recommend that you listen to the music while reading the fiction portion of the text to get the best experience from the printed version of “The Arbiter”.

You can listen to the soundtrack at your own leisure. Or, you can listen to individual tracks as they correspond to their respective chapters by scanning the QR codes embedded throughout the book.

Either way, enjoy the following tracks:

  1. Incognito Protocol, 11:34
  2. Horizons Beyond Bliss, 11:36
  3. Longing For the Hive-Mind, 12:20
  4. We Knew This Day Would Come, 9:30
  5. Emergency U-Turn, 2:58