Crosspollinations is our special program through which StoryLab cooperates with other artists, institutions, and entities. It is an initiative for collaboration, exchange of ideas and experiences, joint experimentation, as well as joint improvement.

We pride ourselves in our philosophy of crosspollination. We value cooperation with our creative partners and are eager to learn and get inspired from them.

Some of our notable Crosspollinations include:

StoryLab is honored to collaborate with Autostrada Biennale, from artbook production and all the way to organizing various art and culture events.

StoryLab is happy to collaborate with Urban FM to bring literature and stories to lovers of audiobooks.

StoryLab collaborates with Përnime in publications as well as art and cultural events.

StoryLab is honored to be in partnership with the Center for Narrative Practice at the site of the former Hivzi Sylejmani Library in Prishtina. You can often find us working at CNP’s many spaces.

StoryLab is honored to be part of Manifesta 14. StoryLab will develop a series of lectures, workshops, and a zine to galvanize a community of science-fiction writers at the upcoming Center for Narrative Practice at the site of the former Hivzi Sylejmani Library in Prishtina.

StoryLab is collaborating with Epifani Institute for Art and Culture on their OnTop Residency art project. StoryLab will also provide support to Epifani with development, funding, logistics, production, promotion, coordination and creative administration.

We are collaborating with Dhemetra Foundation. StoryLab will develop a series of introductory creative writing workshops for their Zana Literature Festival in Mitrovica.

We are collaborating with Institute Undesignate to develop and craft a series of workshops, lectures, and interactive/immersive learning experiences for the Cineks School.

We are collaborating with Kosovo 2.0 in developing the Writing and Publishing workshops as part of their third edition of Lokomotiva 2.0 education program.

StoryLab’s KSci-Fi label is collaborating with Lumbardhi’s QARK fellowship on the upcoming neo-noir comic book set in an alternate reality, entitled “Arnautistan Noir”.

StoryLab is not only project initiated by Artro Books, it could also be considered as its nonprofit subsidiary. StoryLab maintains an active collaboration with Artro Books in publishing fiction, nonfiction, and artbooks.