The professional development of young artists and creators is one of StoryLab’s priorities. That is why we created “Modus Operandi”, our program for internships and mentorships program.

In all of our projects we aim to engage young artists and creators whenever possible (and to use experienced artists only when it is essential artistically or content-wise. In this way, our goal is to empower as many young creatives as possible.

We are proud of our mentees and interns, and we are amazed at how much we can learn from them and their great work.

Some of the awesome works you see at StoryLab are thanks to the contribution and hard work of our very talented interns and mentees. And, the best works yet are the ones where they collaborate.

Some of our notable interns and mentees include:

Zana Begolli – Fall 2020-Spring 2021

Erita Vetima – Fall 2020-Spring 2021

Fitim Haziri – Fall 2020-Spring 2021

Fortuna Gashi – Summer 2021-Spring 2022

Vesa Hyseni – Summer 2021-Spring 2022

Every several weeks we engage in “Creative Dinners” with our interns and mentees to share ideas and creative thoughts in a laid back environment:

During the pandemic, a lot of our meetings took place virtually. Nonetheless, the creativity, ideas, contributions, and results were truly impactful.