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by Liri Hashani – Lirka

Please press play. This audio recording is intended by the author to be played while reading the poem. Created by Liri Hashani – Lirka.

I happen to hate every second of it.
My pressure raises, my voice deepens.
I can’t articulate.
Mind being the puzzle with some missing 
I try to breathe, I suggest you do the 
I insist
Till I get yelled at. 
I hush and do my job.

Now we change shoes, your pressure 
rises, you don’t even have a temper,
you’re all red.
I’m afraid your heart might explode out of its place. 

When you do that, it’s my time to go crazy
inside my head. All of this feels surreal.
I put my right hand on my chest, where I
usually feel my heart, just to touch a 
ticking bomb. 
She sleeps on my hands, while my mouth 
says things out of my head, “everything
will be okay” knowing very well, that
nothing will. 
While watching her sleep, I go back to my 
routine of a lifeguard in my own house
which feels deeper than the ocean.

Please press play. This video is intended by the author to be played while reading the poem. Created by Liri Hashani – Lirka.

been worse

been better 

lost people — been better 

seen people awry 

seen people do better

new people — new me — with my new personality 

the world is so small, and yet 

couldn’t help but decay

seen people at the top 

and once again at the starting line waiting for the shot.

from all the dresses
from all the clothes
from everything that doesn’t feel close
release yourself 
from the pain
and everything that still remains 

Liri Hashani – Lirka
Graduated from University of Prishtina’s Faculty of Journalism. Through poetry she escapes the everyday humdrum and focuses on the thoughts running through her mind. Through poetry she simultaneously says a lot and barely anything.

Liri Hashani – Lirka
Ka përfunduar studimet në Universitetin e Prishtinës në degën e Gazetarisë.
Me poezi, arrinë të largohet nga përditshmëria e të fokusohet në mendimet që kalojnë nëpër mendje. Të tregojë shumë e në të njëjtën kohë, të mos tregoj asgjë.