Furthering Collaboration with HU Berlin

During our recent trip to Berlin, in December 2022, StoryLab was honored to further its collaboration with Humboldt University of Berlin.

Beside presenting some of our works, artbooks, workshops, and activities during the event hosted by the Southeast Europe Association, we also cooked up some collaboration deals with the Cultural Studies Department at HU Berlin.

More info coming soon. Stay tuned.

Upcoming Publication: Atlas of Fantastical Realism

StoryLab is happy to announce our upcoming publication: Atlas of Fantastical Realism by Artrit Bytyçi. Coming Spring 2023.

Atlas of Fantastical Realism is a collection of short stories that explore Kosovo’s journey as a country through a lens of the fantastical, surreal, mythical, absurd, and, occasionally, humor and playfulness. State- and nation-building in the Balkans often fall into the realm of legends and myths rather than history and facts, and so, these kinds of stories attempt to reconcile the many disparaging narratives and realities one may encounter.

Stay tuned for more info by visiting https://storylab.al/atlas/