Launch Event of “Arnautistan Noir”

On Saturday of May 20th at 6:00pm in Prizren at Kino Lumbardhi, the launch of “Arnautistan Noir” took place.

Written by Artrit Bytyçi, illustrated by Ardi Shishko, and soundtrack composed by Liburn Jupolli.

The comic book is set in alternate reality and follows Detective Sami Kaleolli through the streets of Prizren, the capital of Arnautistan, as he meets a cast of captivating characters while investigating a case that just might be the thread to unravel a conspiracy that spans from the grimy alleys and all the way to aristocratic mansions.

We were honored and more than grateful to have had Lumbardhi as our host. We also thank all the other partners and collaborators that helped in the making of this event.

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