StoryLab at DokuTECH’s Game Jam

StoryLab brought creativity to life at DokuTECH‘s Game Jam, showcasing our prowess in crafting immersive narratives and engaging gameplay mechanics.

Through brainstorming sessions, quick problem-solving, and experimenting with new tools and techniques, we gained invaluable experience in game development, enhancing our coding, design and teamwork abilities along the way.

Having “Tomorrow comes today” as the theme of this year’s edition, it inspired us to conceptualize a time management video-game. In our video-game so called “MemoryLab”, the players step into the shoes of our lovable but procrastinating character who must navigate through various tasks while toggling between the present and the future. As them, players face a constant race against time, striving to complete tasks before they become urgent deadlines.

With our adept team of developers and designers (Artrit Byty├ži, Yll Avdiu, Erin Krasniqi, Art Domi), we seamlessly blended storytelling with cutting-edge technology to deliver a captivating gaming experience.

Thank you, DokuTECH, for organizing such an inspiring event. We look forward to future collaborations!

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