Launch of Arnautistan Noir at Lumbardhi in Prizren

Saturday, 20 May
Kino Lumbardhi

Lumbardhi Foundation is proud to announce the launching of “Arnautistan Noir,” a new comic book written by Artrit Bytyçi and illustrated by Ardi Shishko on May 20 starting at 18:00 at Kino Lumbardhi.

Join us for the launch of “Arnautistan Noir,” the latest comic book from the Lumbardhi Foundation. Immerse yourself in an alternate history universe where Prizren is the capital of Arnautistan, and the place where the once-declining Empire was transformed into a Confederation. Written by Artrit Bytyçi and illustrated by Ardi Shishko, this comic book features an immersive multimedia experience with a soundtrack composed by Liburn Jupolli.

Get ready to experience a range of thorny and provocative topics, from graffiti around town, a speakeasy located next to a mosque, the atmosphere at the nightclub, and all the way to the murder scene. With illustrations by Ardi Shishko and a soundtrack by Liburn Jupolli, “Arnautistan Noir” is a unique artistic concept that you won’t want to miss.

“Arnautistan Noir” is published under StoryLab’s KSci-Fi imprint, which aims to promote science fiction and fantasy from Kosovo (by fostering a community, organizing creative writing workshops, supporting publications, and serving as a seal of approval and recommendation for new works).

This project was created as part of the Lumbardhi Foundation’s QARK Program. It has been made possible thanks to the generous support from the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and the International Relief Fund of the German Federal Foreign Office, the Goethe-Institut, and other partners.

Join us for the launch event and experience the immersive multimedia world of “Arnautistan Noir.” Get your copy of the comic book at Lumbardhi Foundation or at “selected” bookstores. See you there!

Upcoming Publication: This is a Mirror

StoryLab is happy to announce our upcoming publication: This Is A Mirror by Likana Cana. Coming Summer 2023.

Likana Cana’s This is a Mirror is a collection of instructional poems that make use of the reader’s participation. They merge the playful with the philosophical, transform the artistic into the everyday, and encourage the reader to digest rather than consume.

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Upcoming Publication: Atlas of Fantastical Realism

StoryLab is happy to announce our upcoming publication: Atlas of Fantastical Realism by Artrit Bytyçi. Coming Spring 2023.

Atlas of Fantastical Realism is a collection of short stories that explore Kosovo’s journey as a country through a lens of the fantastical, surreal, mythical, absurd, and, occasionally, humor and playfulness. State- and nation-building in the Balkans often fall into the realm of legends and myths rather than history and facts, and so, these kinds of stories attempt to reconcile the many disparaging narratives and realities one may encounter.

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