Launch Event for This is a Mirror

You are cordially invited to the book launch exhibition for This is a Mirror, an art book by Likana Cana.

Please set a date for Friday, 1 March 2024 at 8:00pm at Autostrada Hangar, ITP Prizren.

About the artbook:
This artbook is a collection of instructional poems that make use of the reader’s participation. Its main topic is an investigation into different ways to better relate to ourselves, by providing a service of care and hope through art. It pays tribute to the mind, each other, the planet, and the universe.

The mind has infinite dimensions, blue speaks the language of infinity. It opens a portal where the seen and unseen, conscious and unconscious merge. Blue lives in both planes of existence. Blue makes the invisible visible by giving what it surrounds an immaterial dimension.

This is done through instructional poems, inspired by the Fluxus movement, that focus more on the creative process rather than the artwork itself. As the readers perform the artist’s instructions, they are transformed from an audience into co-creators therefore the launch of the book is transformed into an exhibition where the audience can interact with the scores and understand the overall feeling of the book

About the author:
Likana Cana is a transdisciplinary practitioner, working both with the arts and sciences. She is a cognitive psychology graduate, from which she lectures, does research, and is a PhD student. She is a published author in both creative and academic mediums a conceptual art student and is involved in several creative practices which include music videos, directing, exhibitions, and publishing.

20:00 – 20:30 This is a Mirror — a conversation between Likana Cana and Artrit Bytyçi

20:30 – 21:00 Enter, Meet Yourself — an exhibition by Likana Cana,

curated by Artrit Bytyçi and

produced by Autostrada Biennale

21:00 – 22:55 Breathe — music selection by Arbër & Likana

Location: Autostrada Biennale – Google Maps Link

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